BRIGHT MARK Birch Commercial plywood

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FSC® certified Birch Plywood is manufactured from birch veneers throughout, harvested from FSC certified forests, normally bonded together with a phenol formaldehyde adhesive, which has superior resistance to loss of bond strength with time. Birch is a fine textured, strong, dense timber which is excellent for engineering applications where precision, stability, flatness and strength are primary considerations.

The S grade face is virtually blemish free with a limited number of small pin knots and other minor characteristics. The face is finely sanded and should be used where appearance is of high importance.

The BB grade face is solid, finely sanded and also ideal for a paint finish. All major defects are replaced with wood patches. There may be some brown stains on the face and you should allow for some colour variations.

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-100% birch veneer

-Nice texture of birch wood

-Higher water-resistance

-Fine and smooth sanded surface

-Fast installation and easy processing

-Superior strength and stability

-Superior resistance to loss of bond strength with time

-Suitable for interior use a structural component in humid conditions

-Precision cutting to fine tolerances

-FSC certified


-Pattern making

-Portable Modular Flooring


-Structural components in Regulated Building Work


Dimensions,mm 1220x2440,1250x2500,1220x2500
Thickness,mm 2-30
Surface type birch
Core pure birch
Glue E0,E1,E2,CARB,on request
Water resistance high
Density, kg/m3 640-700
Moisture content, % 5-14
Certification EN 13986, EN 314, EN 635, EN 636, ISO 12465, KS 301, etc.

Strength indicators

Ultimate static bending strength,min Mpa along the grain of face veneers 60
against the grain of face veneers 30
Static bending elasticity modulus, min Mpa along the grain 6000
against the grain 3000

Number of Plies & tolerance

Thickness(mm) Number of Plies Thickness tolerance
2 3 +/-0.2
3 3/5 +/-0.2
4 3/5 +/-0.2
5 5 +/-0.2
6 5 +/-0.5
9 7 +/-0.5
12 9 +/-0.5
15 11 +/-0.5
18 13 +/-0.5
21 15 +/-0.5
24 17 +/-0.5
27 19 +/-0.5
30 21 +/-0.5

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