BRIGHT MARK PP-Film faced plywood

Short Description:

Plastic plywood is a high-quality construction use plywood, covered with plastic film that turns into a protection during production. PP plastic coated plwood panels are made of wear-resisting and corrosion resisting 0.5mm thickness PP Plastic on both of sides coating and connecting to inner plywood core.

The physical and mechanical properties are much higher than traditional film faced plywood. The biggest advantage is that plastic plywood doesn’t stick to the concrete when its dry, and can be removed very easily. After dismount, the surface of the plastic plywood remains smooth and intact,so it can be used repeatedly several time ,thus greatly increase the efficiency and quality of the form work.

Product Detail

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-Waterproof performance and wear & tear resistant

-Doesn't get corroded by concrete

-Exclusive hard-wearing and durability

-Easy to dismount,release agent free, nonstick cement,smooth finishing

-Resistance to decay and fungal infection

-Opportunity to use different wood to meet your demand

-Reduces the plastic surface absorption of the humidity of the board

-Avoiding bleeding out remains of bubbles and concrete.


-Building & construction

-Furniture manufacturing

-Playground manufacturing

-Internal & external design

-Hoardings and fencings

-Vehicle industry





Dimensions, mm 1220x2440,1250x2500,1220x2500
Thickness, mm 12,15,18,21,24,27,30,35
Surface type smooth/smooth(F/F)
Film colour green, blue
Film thickness, mm 0.5mm PP
Core birch/eucalyptus/combi
Glue phenolic WBP (type dynea 962T),melamine WBP
Formaldehyde emission class E1
Water resistance high
Density, kg/m3 550-700
Moisture content, % 5-14
Edge sealing acryl-based water resistant paint
Certification EN 13986, EN 314, EN 635, EN 636, ISO 12465, KS 301, etc.

Strength indicators

Ultimate static bending strength, min Mpa along the grain of face veneers 60
against the grain of face veneers 30
Static bending elasticity modulus, min Mpa along the grain 6000
against the grain 3000

Number of Plies & tolerance

Thickness(mm) Number of Plies Thickness tolerance
12 9 +0.5/-0.7
15 11 +0.6/-0.8
18 13 +0.6/-0.8
21 15 +0.8/-1.0
24 17 +0.9/-1.1
27 19 +1.0/-1.2
30 21 +1.1/-1.3
35 25 +1.1/-1.5

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