BRIGHT MARK Combi Film faced plywood

Short Description:

FSC certified film faced plywood  Poplar/Eucalyptus Combi Plywood is a enhanced range of local plywood, manufactured from a mixture of poplar and eucalyptus veneers. Performance and price between eucalyptus FFP and poplar FFP. The flexible deployment of eucalyptus layers as required make it very popular in market.The addition of eucalyptus makes for a stiffer, stronger panel providing strength with flexibility.

Product Detail

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-high water-resistance

-resistant to moisture, temperature variation, chemicals and detergents

-exclusive hard-wearing and durability

-fast mounting and easy processing

-opportunity of combination with other materials

-a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes

-resistance to decay and fungal infection

-Better bending strength

-Flexible mix the proportion of poplar and eucalyptus according to technical requirements


Concrete Formwork

Vehicle bodies

Container floors




Dimensions, mm 1220x2440, 1250x2500, 1220x2500
Thickness, mm 6, 8, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 35
Surface type smooth/smooth(F/F)
Film colour brown, black, red
Film density, g/m2 180
Core eucalyptus mix with poplar
Glue melamine WBP
Formaldehyde emission class E1
Water resistance high
Density, kg/m3 530-580
Moisture content, % 5-14
Edge sealing acryl-based water resistant paint
Certification EN 13986, EN 314, EN 635, EN 636, ISO 12465, KS 301, etc.

Strength indicators

Ultimate static bending strength, min Mpa along the grain of face veneers 60
against the grain of face veneers 30
Static bending elasticity modulus, min Mpa along the grain 6000
against the grain 3000

Number of Plies & tolerance

Thickness(mm) Number of Plies Thickness tolerance
6 5 +0.4/-0.5
8 6/7 +0.4/-0.5
9 7 +0.4/-0.6
12 9 +0.5/-0.7
15 11 +0.6/-0.8
18 13 +0.6/-0.8
21 15 +0.8/-1.0
24 17 +0.9/-1.1
27 19 +1.0/-1.2
30 21 +1.1/-1.3
35 25 +1.1/-1.5

Why Choose Us

In order to meet customers' satisfaction beyond expectations, we have a strong team to provide customers with the best overall service, including marketing, sales, design, production, quality control, packaging, warehousing and logistics. Over the years, the factory has been a hot seller of Chinese poplar packaging plywood, and has continuously provided ideal high-quality products and services for the vast number of enterprise users and traders. Warmly welcome you to join us, let's innovate and fly our dreams together.

Our goal is to exceed every customer's expectations by providing excellent customer service, increasing flexibility and greater value. In short, without our customers, we would not exist. We are looking for wholesale, drop ship. If you are interested in our products, please remember to contact us. I hope to do business with you. High quality and fast shipping!

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