BRIGHT MARK Eucalyptus Commercial plywood

Short Description:

Eucalyptus is rich in resources in China, fast growth with high strength makes it have super high cost performance than birch. Eucalyptus commercial plywood is an ideal material for construction and furniture manufacture. High physic mechanical parameters of our plywood, excellent durability, wear resistance and surface hardness. These properties are highly appreciated in building, construction, vehicle industry, wagon-building and other industries where special strength of a material is required.Eucalyptus has greater strength than poplar and this is reflected in the enhanced mechanical values of the product.

Product Detail

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-100% eucalyptus veneer

-High hardness of a surface

-Excellent durability and strength

-Good resistance to most aggressive environments, including chemicals

-Higher water-resistance

-Fine and smooth sanded surface

-Opportunity to combine with other materials

-Improved strength and resistance to loss of bond strength with time

-Suitable for permanent use in humid conditions

-Suitable for temporary use in wet conditions




-Resilient packaging


-Van lining



Dimensions,mm 1220x2440, 1250x2500, 1220x2500
Thickness,mm 2-30
Surface type birch, pine, bingtangor, okoume, sapele, oak, ash, etc.
Core pure eucalyptus
Glue E0, E1, E2, CARB, on request
Water resistance high
Density,kg/m3 600-650
Moisture content,% 5-14
Certification EN 13986,EN 314,EN 635,EN 636,ISO 12465,KS 301,etc.

Strength indicators

Ultimate static bending strength,min Mpa along the grain of face veneers 60
against the grain of face veneers 30
Static bending elasticity modulus, min Mpa along the grain 6000
against the grain 3000

Number of Plies & tolerance

Thickness(mm) Number of Plies Thickness tolerance
2 3 +/-0.2
3 3/5 +/-0.2
4 3/5 +/-0.2
5 5 +/-0.2
6 5 +/-0.5
9 7 +/-0.5
12 9 +/-0.5
15 11 +/-0.5
18 13 +/-0.5
21 15 +/-0.5
24 17 +/-0.5
27 19 +/-0.5
30 21 +/-0.5

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