How have we re-defined our plywood?

Chinese Plywood.


Poor quality?

A product which can’t be trusted?

Let us tell you how we have changed that.


In response to the situation with the Plywood market, here at BRIGHT MARK we began looking at our entire supply chain, analysing each stage of the production process in order to bring you a product which will not just meet expectations but exceed them.

How have we re-defined our plywood?

● Glue – Meeting with chemical manufactures we have ensured we fully understand glue type and composition, we now ensure we only use Phenolic glue for the production of EN636-2/3 (melamine glue in not suitable for use all year round). We have exclusive mills in China, and we specify to them the glue used must be from Dynea in Beijing.
● Core – The core of plywood is vital to achieving the finished product, our BRIGHT MARK Classic can only be made using A/B grade core veneers.
● Faces – BRIGHT MARK have secured the exclusive supply of Red Grandis™, we have been able to visit the plantation, and specify the diameter of logs used and the minimum thickness the veneer should be peeled to.
● Auditing – Finally, our exclusive mills receive regular audits from our compliance staff, checking the quality systems, production and product, as well as ethical social and environmental factors. Each of our mills will need to reach a minimum level before we will recommend them. We are also working exclusively with Benchmark International on the development of a third party accreditation.

We are proud to offer truly fit for purpose Chinese Plywood. One where we can ensure each part of the supply chain has been assessed and evaluated.

BRIGHT MARK Classic has passed third party bond and sheer tests when tested at CNAS and continues to pass in house pre-treatment tests conducted on-site at BRIGHT MARK, as well as daily production sampling in China. Finally the product has complete traceability, with each product having its own unique code. The code is clearly shown on each board label, the packaging, delivery note and invoice.

When it comes to Chinese Plywood, the difference really is


Post time: Aug-08-2022